Apps and websites to check out if you’re going into the work world (or really just because it’s cool)

logo-p-styled.pngPlum talent assessment 

Plum is a company that was founded and operates in Canada’s tech triangle. One of their services is this talent assessment for employees (or to-be employees). It’s actually pretty cool because it tells you about what some of your workplace skills are, traits you can bring to the table and what kind of workplace you might like. It is still very insightful, even though the odd thing was an iffy “yeah I guess so” I actually thought the majority of my results were reasonably accurate and it’s the sort of thing I’d like to incorporate into interviews and things like that. (P.S. it’s free!)

MyersBriggsTypes.pngMyers Briggs Personality Test

Myerst Briggs is an older personality test. The cool thing about it is that it has applications outside of the workplace, like it’ll tell you about your relationships and parenting style and career paths that might be good. Because it’s older, there are a few more options for it (but it + the plum test can complement each other nicely). I’m an INFJ.

This is the “formal” one that you have to pay for that I accessed on the Harry Potter Myers Briggs article on Buzzfeed. Sometimes you can get it for free or a subsidized rate at your company or college, which is what I did when I took the it.

A free one can be accessed here. I have gotten the same results from this website as I did when I took the proper formal one, so while you will get more information (if I remember correctly), this one still provides a ton of useful information.

Also, because it it so fun, you can check out this article to learn what characters also (apparently) share your personality type.

So many people use, including some teams at major finance institutions, people in PR etc. You can go on there and take tutorials to learn more about programs like Excel, InDesign and Photoshop. Also, about analytics, business things, IT things etc. It’s a pretty rad site and it’s reasonably priced too. I recommend it to people all the time when they’re wanting to learn a new computer program.


Free coding tutorials? It’s pretty epic. You can learn HTML and CSS, Ruby, jQuery, JavaScript and a ton of other languages and how to do other coding things like launching a website. Sure, you can pay for a pro account for more practice, which I wouldn’t mind doing at some point, but that’s totally optional and you can still get a ton out of the website without paying.


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