4 of Bethany Hamilton’s Promoted Products

Bethany Hamilton promotes super awesome stuff and I am super stoked about it. I am not sure what sort of brand ambassador / sponsorship deal she has with these companies, but that’s not the important part. I like that she promotes everyday things for people who have healthy, active lifestyles; you can see below that it is sun glasses, sun screen wipes, a carrier for her son, and stuff from a healthy food market. To top it off, she’s actually using the products. Plus, the carrier and sun glasses are things she helped design with the brand.

Ok, so let me outline my reasons for trying out some of the stuff Bethany has promoted lately. Follow me below…

d823bf57075a61d1_1134-w173-h173-b0-p0--tapareef.jpgTapaReef Sunscreen Remover Towelettes

Conveniently, I just started dragon boat racing and, needless to say, I plan to water resistant sun screen in the future. In the last year or so I have become much more conscious of wearing sun screen but it just feels super gross and oily and if I don’t get it off my face I’ll break out. Fun right? So needless to say, this is a very useful discovery.

Shop TapaReef here

logo-crush-eyewear-NEW-2013.jpgCrush Eyewear

Anyone else have problems with keeping ahold of sunglasses? I have long since stopped buying Oakley’s or Ray Bans because I’ll just lose them or break them. But I kind of really like sunglasses and I’m the sort of person who’d like to have a pair in my purse, car, and in my home and just trading up at random. Since these ones were so cheap (mostly $19 – $29), soooooo I kind of ordered 3 pairs.

Shop Crush Eyewear here

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After my son Tobias was born, I went out of my way to wear him. I looked at his first 3 months as the 4th trimester, still having him skin to skin, bundled. It's a beautiful time where the child bonds to the parent, grows in trust, and feels safe in their new environment. That's why our Baby Tula carrier is so important in our lives: it allows me to be close to Tobias while still being able to do what I need to do, especially with one arm. • For all the reasons above, I think every mom should be able to experience the same thing with her child, why is why I'm excited to announce my own signature Baby Tula carrier, 'Soul Surfer.' Inspired by the blues of the ocean, this super comfortable carrier features a series of waves and the @tulababycarriers motto, "Keep doing what you love." 💙 • The ‘Soul Surfer’ carrier is available NOW exclusively at www.tulababycarriers.com.

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logo.pngTula Baby Carriers

Ok, so like I don’t even have a baby (nor am I planning to any time soon) and I still really want one of these. It looks so comfortable. Maybe one of my friends will have a baby soon so that I can buy one for her.

Shop Baby Tula here

Thrive_FB_Banner.jpgThrive Market

Again, haven’t gotten anything yet, but I was scrolling through and was particularly impressed by Thrive Market’s selection of protein powders. Dairy and I aren’t exactly BFF’s, and I’ve noticed it’s super hard to find a good selection of dairy-free protein powders where I live that aren’t crazy expensive, so I now know where I can order some when I run out. There is tons of other stuff too for skin care, babies, and “regular” food. There’s customizable searches for if you are trying to eat paleo, raw, gluten free, vegetarian etc. too.

Shop Thrive Market here



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