5-Ingredient Chicken + Waffles Sandwich! – with Ingrid Nilsen

I found this recipe on Ingrid Nilson’s YouTube channel and I have been dying to try this sandwich since then. I mean, come on, it’s fried chicken on a waffle. At first my thought was “no, this is just to absurd” and didn’t know if I’d even try it. But then I watched the video and I was totally sold. So if you’re like me and are raising an eyebrow, watch the video, hopefully you’ll be sold too. I’ve written down the ingredients below for you. 

For my first try, I used Eggo waffles. This is probably some kind of cooking sin, especially because I do have one of the most amazing Belgian waffle recipes on planet, courtesy of my father. To be honest, those sorts of waffles just take a too little long, they have to rise over night for starters, so they’re a special occasion thing. In the interests of having a full time job and wanting a time saver, I’ll sacrifice Belgian amazingness for some Eggo waffles. 



  • Chicken breasts (boneless)
  • Arugula
  • Egg – 2, one is whisked up for dipping chicken into and 1 is fried for the sandwich. If you’re making more than 1 sandwich, add 1 more egg per sandwich 
  • Waffles
  • Maple sriracha mayo


Maple Sriracha Mayo

2-3 tbsp Mayonaise (Hellman’s style – not Miracle Whip!)
1 tsp maple syrup
a few drops of sriracha


Chicken – to bread
Dunk in flour then egg then flour and into breadcrumbs if you want

Fry 1 egg for it…

Suggestions Cut the chicken breasts in half so that they’re shorter – they should still be the same diameter just thinner, hopefully that makes sense. 

Final Verdict

Ok, so like I think I’ll be making one of these again in about 3 minutes. Sort of literally too because I only used 1/2 the chicken breast on it and ate the last half on the side. 

Also I absolutely love the maple sriracha mayo, so fortunately I made extra. Maybe it’s time for me to make some homemade fries? 


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