Fun workouts from Shay Mitchell!

Hey guys! So I am trying to work out more by myself and I found these 2 workouts on Shay Mithchell’s YouTube channel that are actually pretty fun. I don’t do everything in them but I’ve taken elements from both and it usually takes 30 minutes or so to get through depending how many other rounds I do.

At home, I usually skip for 5 or 10 minutes, do about rounds, skip for another 5 minutes, and do a few more rounds. I try to do everything for about 4 rounds. At home I use a skipping rope and two 5 lbs and two 12 lbs dumbbell weights.

When I do this workout at the gym, I usually hop on an elliptical for 15 minutes and then do 4 or 5 rounds. I think I am just going to bump up my time on the elliptical to 20 or 30 minutes soon. I usually use the same size of dumbbell weights as I do at home.

Any ways, they’re both really fun workouts that I thought I would share.


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