The Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune (book 2) by Rick Riordan

Son_of_Neptune_Final_Cover.jpgThe Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune is the second instalment in Rick Riordan’s series that follows Percy Jackson of Rick Riordan’s first series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

I forget where exactly, I think it was at the end of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, the readers were introduced to a prophecy that said 7 people (and people being demigods) will have to save the world against giants and Gaea rising. Side note: Gaea is basically Mother Earth but evil. The main character in the first book, The Lost Hero (book review here) was Jason, and also told from the point of view of his two friends, Piper and Leo.

In The Son of Neptune, readers are reintroduced to Percy Jackson and newly introduced to two new point of view characters, Hazel and Frank. The catch is that Percy has amnesia because June (AKA Hera) took Percy from the Greek demigod camp and Jason from the Roman demigod camp, wiped their memories, and swapped them. And unfortunately for Percy, the Roman demigods are a lot more deadly than the Greeks, but at least the two knew characters, Frank and Hazel are great friends to him.

Percy, Hazel and Frank go on a quest to free Death (AKA Thanatos) who was captured by an evil giant. The tension around Gaea rising is building up and war is about to break out, so they’re under the clock and the characters have to share their deepest and darkest secrets in order to survive. Which, of course they do, after all, it’s a YA book, not the Game of Thrones, so good riddance (big fan though, George RR Martin!).

In terms of the prophecy, so far the readers know who 6 of the 7 people are who are supposed to save the world and I am curious to see who the 7th saviour-esqued / hero character will be. I am assuming that Rick Riordan will introduce him/her/they in the next book. I am wondering if it is supposed to be Nico di Angelo, a character who readers met in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and who readers also learned has relationships with both Romans and Greeks in this latest The Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune book.

One of my friends recommended Rick Riordan’s books to me a few months ago with the statement that I should read everything written by him. For now, this recommendation is holding up true. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I kind of liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series a little bit more and I think that this is largely due to the fact that there was the whole amnesia thing going on with Jason and Leo so it sort of felt like the first chunk of the book dragged on a little bit while they tried to figure out some semblance of who they were. I think this was even more annoying with Percy because the readers already knew who he was from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. That being said, they’ve basically worked out who they are now and I expect the beginnings of books 3 to 5 will be much smoother, so I can’t wait to start (and finish) them.

For potential reasons, this book is the second book in a series, the first book is The Heroes of Olympus: The lost hero (1) and it is followed by The Heroes of Olympus: The mark of Athena (3). The entire series is the second series after Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is a useful read for some background info and I would recommend starting there but I think Rick Riordan provides enough basic background info to get along just fine if you don’t have time or the inclination to get involved in two series of books.

Title: The Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune (book 2)

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion Books

Publication date: October 4, 2011

Page count: 513

Genre: Fantasy, Greek and Roman Mythology, Young Adult


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