Crazy Dave by Basil Johnston 

img_0552I was gifted Crazy Dave by Basil Johnston from a friend of mine last summer and I have finally had a chance to read it.

Crazy Dave is a story about David, who was born with Downs Syndrome, and his mother, and reservation life in the first half of the 1900’s. David is unable to take care of himself but he is always trying to learn things and sort of ends up having his own life where he’s able to chop wood for people in the community for a little money or whatever.

I feel like Crazy Dave really embraces community and culture in a way that many novels don’t. Here and there I thought that Basil Johnston was wandering and it could have been easy to lose sight of where David or Rosa were, but then they would be intimately tied in with what the other people were doing.

I thought that Crazy Dave was a really good book and I thought it was a lovely perspective on what the community would have been like. Apparently, from what I gathered in the forward of the novel, Basil Johnston was inspired to write the book because his own uncle had Down’s Syndrome. It was also an interesting perspective / representation on a character who has Down’s Syndrome that I appreciated. In any case, there are so many cultural, community and disability related things to pick up on in the book.

I would certainly recommend Crazy Dave to read. So if you’re like me and keep a list of books you’d like to read eventually or you actually need a new book to read right now, I think it is definitely worth your consideration.

Title: Crazy Dave

Author: Basil Johnston

Publication: 1999

Page count: 334


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