Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

scrappy-little-nobody-9781501117206_lg.jpgAnna Kendrick is an actress. Many of you reading this probably know her from movies like Pitch Perfect. A few of you might even remember her from the Twilight movies.

To be honest, prior to reading this book, I thought the most interesting thing about Anna Kendrick was that she’s a talented actess but she never really stood out to me as wildly interesting or different. I stand corrected. And I don’t say that she didn’t stick out to be mean, just that she seemed “normal”, as far as celebrities go. Even after reading Scrappy Little Nobody, I still think that she is a pretty normal seeming person but I have a much greater appreciation for what normal looks like for her and how it’s actually a good thing. She’s a little anxious, hard working, stubborn, possibly a little introverted, likes to party a little with her friends, the usual sort of thing that I’d expect from someone her age.

I was kind of interesting to see how Anna felt about the Twilight movies; it’s one of those series that is universally accepted as problematic for so many reasons, which will take up far too much space on this book review post. In any case, she did kind of hint that she really enjoyed being a part of it without having to deal with any of the criticism/ consequences, so I think she knows. After all, how could you not know?

I feel like she’s one of the first celebrities whose memoir I’ve read who’s sort of at the heigh of her fame and also being like “I dont know where my next job is coming from and I don’t know what’s next if that happens”. Some of the others I’ve read from I could imagine what’s next; Lindsey Stirling would probably make money off her albums and teach violin, Felicia Day went to school for communications and could probably market comic cons and other such “nerdy” things really well, and so on. But I think a lot of people are like Anna Kendrick and don’t really have a plan B and I think it’s kind of nice to see her being honest about that; I hope it works out for her though, one way or another. She can sing, so maybe she can be a vocal teacher with a focus on preparing students for broadway/acting careers? Who knows, maybe she’ll read this and appreciate my offering a plan B (doubtful lol!)

My favourite story in Anna Kendrick’s memoir was the one about how her, some friends, and one of the friends father went on a boat and dressed up like pirates. The destination was some place with a little bar. It sort of sounded like something a lot of wealthy older people could enjoy becuase they’re the kind of people who like sailing. Only a storm came up and I guess everyone got really sea sick. Yuck!

Do you like Anna Kendrick? Either ways, I think you should read this; it’ll be amusing.

Title: Scrappy Little Nobody

Author: Anna Kendrick

Publisher: Touchstone

Publication date: November 15 2016

Page Count: 304 pages

Genre: Autobiography / memoir


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