Who will Rory end up with?

I am super stoked about the Gilmore Girls reboot that comes out November 25th. I am probably going to be expressing my excitement a lot since I have a few Gilmore Girl themed blog posts coming up.

Something I am pretty curious about is who Rory may or may not end up with. With Dean, Jess and Logan all making appearances (so I’ve been told), I think that viewers can expect some closure. There has been a lot of speculation about who Rory may or may not end up with. And, yes, it’s the 21st century and it is totally acceptable for Rory to be single and to live out her life as some kind of single lady, whether she is dating around, just celibate, whatever is her cup of tea. Personally, I want Rory to end up with someone; not because she has to but because she loves the person and having a special someone is pretty great even if life carries on without it.

One thing I hope is that the entire reboot isn’t about Rory’s and Lorelei’s love lives. There are so many things to get into, like the grandparents, and that there will be a funeral and some grief to process, and that Rory seems to be looking for a new job, and how is Lorelei’s inn, and how are things with Luke’s Diner, and how is Sookie and Jackson, and where the heck is Paris, etc. So I hope everything gets the time it deserves.

I digress though, what I really want to get into is who I think Rory might end up with. I think having her end up alone isn’t the most likely scenario. I can’t really see the writers introducing a whole new guy because they aren’t even releasing a full season (8 episodes I think?). Both cases are ok, but I only have knowledge of her 3 exes to work with. If Rory gets back together with one of them who do I think it’ll be?

Before I jump in, this is the first Gilmore Girls post I am writing, although I might schedule a more of them ahead of time because I am also starting a new job the same week that the show is coming out so I am writing these 2 weeks ahead to make sure I can have a Gilmore Girls Week all ready for publication!

Dean Winchester… Just kidding, that’s the actors brother from Supernatural… Dean Forrester

I don’t think Rory will get back together with Dean even if I wanted her too; they were no good together, I mean, sure, they were at first but he was needy and whiny and, holy cow, I got so sick of him toward the end of their relationship, like he couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t have all this free time to be with him 24/7. Then when they got back together it was through him cheating on his wife (not cool!) and instead of just leaving it as a 1 night stand, the writers drew it out into this awkward-not-going-to-work sort of relationship and I feel like they pretty much closed the door there when they ended it yet agian. Rory outgrew him so asta la vista Dean. To be fair, Jess was playing all these mind games with Rory and I don’t think that that helped at all. I think that Jess and Dean represented these different things in Rory; Dean was the small town person like Rory and he was kind and loyal for the most part and Jess represented this part of Rory that was intellectual and loved reading and craved adventure.

Logan Huntzberger

I know that Jess is boyfriend #2 but I will talk about him last. Logan, you’re up! Logan wasn’t that bad in the sense that I feel like he had more redeeming qualities throughout his reigning seasons than Dean, whose redeeming qualities all seemed to get thrown into the wind after the first season or two. I think he made a real effort to be there Rory when it counted. But my thing with him was that he could come off as such a spoiled brat and didn’t even want to just get over it I guess? He seemed to struggle with responsibility and stuff. He could also be such a jerk at times; he slept with a whole bridal party while they were on a break and, instead of being honest with Rory, he let her go into a room and be blindsided by it. He was also really condescending to Jess when he learned that Jess had written a book. And then he proposed to Rory in front of all of her family and friends, which isn’t necessarily a dick move but it’s not really well thought out and seemed kind of presumptuous. It wasn’t even like they’d talked about marriage (that we knew of) and he just sprung it on her and put her on the spot like that in front of her whole family. Logan did a tremendous amount of good though; he got some brownie points during the trip to Martha’s Vineyard and he helped Rory get the Yale newspaper out when they were about to miss a deadline. I guess since he went to California to do his own business things, maybe Logan has grown up a little bit and gotten over some of the things that people didn’t like about him. I don’t think it’s ideal for him and Rory to get back together and I feel like they kind of wrapped up that chapter in season seven. That said, I also think it wouldn’t be the worst if she did end up with him (sorry Dean, but I love you as Sam Winchester so carry on).

Jess Mariano

I left Jess for last because I think he’s the most likely of Rory’s three major boyfriends who Rory might end up getting back together with. 

Jess was basically a bit of a jerk when he and Rory dated. He lied to her a few times, and he just didn’t seem to respect the idea of making / showing up to plans they had together. And then, when he really messed up, he tried to have sex with Rory at a party (in some empty bedroom) and Rory was understandably upset because it was very aggressive. Apologists can say what they want, but it just wasn’t ok. He finally blew it with Luke, his uncle, and just took off with no explanation. 

That said, despite being a crappy boyfriend early on, he really cleaned up his act. He showed up and it turne out that he’d written a book and was now running a small publishing company / cafe sort of thing with some people he knows. He was the only one of her boyfriends who really seemed to grow / develop in a positive way throughout the show. Also, he and Rory kissed and the only reason it couldn’t become more was because of Rory and Logan and Rory put a stop to it… but it kind of suggests to me that they have unresolved feelings. Plus, Rory and Jess originally connected over their love of books and they’re both really smart people and he was always really supportive of her pursuing her education and becoming a journalist (which is more than I can say for Dean, who always got kind of pissy if she blew him off to study, or Logan who seemed to get it but wasn’t quite as excited about it). So I guess we’ll see how he’s developed in the 8 or so years since the show has been off air. 


Although, maybe it would also be ok if Rory is single at the end of the reboot or with some random new person. I feel like I can think of pretty fair points why Rory really just shouldn’t be with any of these guys and at the same time, with some personal development, why could work out for either Logan or Jess (I’m so sorry, Dean, but that was so far done a long time ago, I can’t bring myself get on board with that possibility). So I am pretty open to whatever ends up happening. 

So who do you think it will be? Do you agree with my choice?

Will you be watching Gilmore Girls in a few days time?



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