5 lessons from Gilmore Girls ~*~*~*~*~(spoilers* seasons 1-7) 

The Gilmore Girls reboot is almost upon us. It will be on Netflix on November 25! Yay yay yay yay yay!
So, Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows of all time. I have watched it and rewatched it way more times than I care to admit and I doubt I am the only one who learned a thing or 2 from the show.


1. You mom can be your best friend. Or not… but everyone finds a way to agree when it’s important.
Lorelai and Rory are pretty much best friends. Sometimes Lorelai has to step up and be a stricter parent, but most of the time her and Rory are super close, get along fabulously, and talk about everything. It probably helps that Lorelai is super chill and that Rory is exceptionally well rounded.
That said, not everyone has that kind of relationship with their parents; Lorelai famously doesn’t get along her mom, Emily, and they conflict with each other a lot. Watch the show if you haven’t yet and you’ll see what I mean. She isn’t the only one who struggles to see eye-to-eye with mother dearest. In fact, Lane doesn’t get along with her mom, Mrs. Kim, all the time either; Lane is a music lover and “modern” while her mom is very strict and very religious. Paris doesn’t seem to get along with her mom either but I think her mom only had about 30 second of screen time in season on.
I think that the important thing is that everyone manages to find a way to agree on the things that matter the most. Lorelai and Emily regularly find ways to agree about Rory’s welfare (even if they initially clash). Lane (sometimes begrudgingly) embraces her moms help when she is having her babies and accepts her moms help to get her band on a tour.


2. Popular culture is a pretty great thing, so indulge in literature, movies, TV shows and magazines to your hearts content.
They make so many pop culture references on Gilmore Girls and it is fun when you recognize the reference – it’s similarly fun to watch The Big Bang Theory and understanding most of the science fiction, fantasy, and scientific references. I mean, obviously the makers of a TV show want you to watch a TV show and probably think the more the merrier but what I like about shows like Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory is that there are also loads of literary references and scientific references and it’s pretty cool when shows are all about people knowing “smart” things like that.

As someone who loves to indulge in my fair share of popular culture (in which I include books!), I love that it is celebrated in Gilmore Girls instead of shunned as a “waste of time” (you’ll note that everyone is exceptionally hard workers in #5)


3. We really shouldn’t eat the way that Rory and Lorelai do.
They eat pretty unhealthy; there are so many cracks about how much caffeine they consume, and how much junk food they consume, and how healthy foods are just, well, likely not reaching their stomachs very much, and they apparently don’t cook hardly at all.
I mean, that’s all fine and well in moderation, but speaking as someone who ate too much junk when I started university, it’s really not sustainable if you plan to feel good. Lorelai and Rory can do it because they’re not real and apparently TV viewers like it when 2 super thin and attractive women can eat terribly and not have it be a big deal (ok, truly, it’s kind of funny, but it’s not realistic for real life people). I know I feel so much better when I eat healthy.


4. Follow your dreams and work hard to get there.
I don’t think anyone on Gilmore Girls is a slacker. Certainly not the main people; Jess could’ve taken school a little more seriously and Logan was a slacker too, but even they eventually “grew up” and seemed to be working very hard at their jobs. Lorelai and Sookie work extremely hard to be able to buy, open and run their inn – with Lorelai managing the inn and Sookie managing the inn’s restaurant. Plus, Rory works super hard at Chilton and Yale to become a journalist (she wanted to be Christiane Amanpour, as does Paris, who wants to be a doctor or lawyer (I think she settled on medicine). Luke works hard at hard at his dinner, Richard works hard in insurance, and Emily works hard to be a great wife, hostess and function planner. It seems that everyone is also really passionate about what they’re doing; no one is bitching about how much they hate their jobs (which is an unfortunate reality for a lot of people). So, if you can, dream big and work hard to make it happen.


5. Be independent and figure things out for yourself… But also accept when you need to ask for help. 
I saw this the most with Lorelai because she was the adult in the scenario and had the most “adult” decisions to be making throughout the course of the show, like when she needed to ask Luke for financial help to get her inn going, or when she needed Emily’s help to cosign a loan to get rid of termites in her house or pay for Rory’s school. Lorelai was also stubbornly independent; she wanted to figure all of these things out herself and only asked for help when she had no other choice. She also accomplished so much on her own, like getting herself through a business program at a community college and raising Rory as a single parent while working her way up to managing a really successful in and then opening her own inn.
I think it’s a pretty important take away and kind of ties back into how you should work hard to reach your dreams but in a different way. This way, you find a way to be confident and secure in yourself enough so that you know you can do it on your own and can accept help when it is needed.



I think I have hit on a few major themes that we can take away from Gilmore Girls. I don’t want to fish around to much. In any case, I think that these are some pretty important lessons and are ones that can be relevant to a lot of people. I chose not to get into their friendships and romances because, true to most TV shows, this is where a lot of the drama resides and could be a whole blog post of it’s own (and it will be in my post about who I think Rory might end up with).

Are there any other lessons you think I should have mentioned?


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