Gilmore Girl: A Year In The Life – some thoughts **spoilers**

img_1630Do not read this if you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet and don’t want spoilers. I won’t exactly be holding back, and while I’m not exactly giving a detailed synopsis I’d feel really bad if I ruined this for someone, even you’re a someone I have never met. You’ve been warned, so carry on with discretion.

I love Gilmore Girls. I am arguably a bigger fan of Harry Potter, but I feel like I had less to say about Fantastic Beasts, probably because I saw it during a pretty hectic week, whereas Gilmore Girls came to Netflix this weekend when things were distinctly less mind boggling so maybe I had the brain space to think more about it. And holy cow I am so very excited to get into it and share some of my thoughts, fresh off the press, having just finished the show.

Does Rory’s Voice Sound Different? 

Surely isn’t just me who thinks this. Please say it’s not just me! Her voice is still recognizable as Alexis Bledel’s voice (naturally) but she sounds a lot different somehow. Maybe she’s gotten voice training? But whatever it is, her voice sounds lower, more refined. I thought I’d get the most boring thought out of my head first.

The Last Words: “Mom I’m Pregnant”. Shocked expression. Cut Scene. End Credits!!! WHAT??!?!?!

I need more! I need more! Don’t leave me here! What the hell?! Ok, so, I guess Logan is the dad? I mean, Rory was having a lot of sex with him, or I presume sex was involved with their out in the open romance thing, which I thought was ever so sweet at times but he was essentially cheating on his girlfriend/fiancee and I am so not ok with that.Who knows, maybe Rory slipped a little something-something in with one of the other guys (Dean and Jess were there, ah!), and I’m not here to judge. Are we getting more? Will there be another season? Or 5 seasons? They spent so much time nicely wrapping stuff up only do have those be the last words! I really need there to be more now! I feel like we can really
start fresh here; some of the same characters, some of the same themes, but a whole new gallery-1455921689-mcx-gilmoreguys-index-1dynamic can be launched off now that Rory will be a parent, Lorelai will be a granny and
Emily will by a great granny, like how exciting is that?

Team Logan (but also Team Rory) and Team Luke

Lorelai married Luke finally. I am so glad that this finally happened at that we got to see it. I expected no less; to have Lorelai be alone after all this time would’ve been a tragedy, she’s such a strong independent woman, but she also loves Luke so much and having a man doesn’t take away any of a woman’s autonomy, so I’m just happy it’s worked out.

I thought Rory was the most likely to end up with Jess but I hadn’t closed the door on Logan. Sorry, Dean (and by extension Jared Padelecki), but that door was closed. I like how Rory got to have at least a few nice moments with the guys. I think she had a really nice moment(s) with Jess, who was supporting her in writing her book about her and Lorelai; Gilmore Girls.

What I wasn’t expecting was for this not-serious romance with Logan to already be an ongoing thing by the looks of it. But, at the end of the day, it seams to be Team Rory, she’s just doing her thing for now. Oh, and she’s pregnant. Who’s the dad?! Who?! What?! I have to know! I mean, seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be Logan.

gilmore-girls-season-3-21.jpgI love how much Emily is grown but I am so sad for her loss (and the IRL loss of Edward Hermann)

For one, it’s super sad that Edward Hermann isn’t in A Year In The Life because he actually passed away in real life. I think the show did well at taking time to say good bye.

Richard’s passing is also sort of used as a larger story line. Emily and Lorelai still aren’t getting along fantastically. It turns out that things were said at Richards funeral that caused a significant rift so they’re barely even talking. We see Lorelai and Emily go to therapy together and Emily getting angry when Lorelai refuses to change – it’s the same old, same old, where Emily wants Lorelai to do what she wants instead of accepting that Lorelai is a different person. When this all comes to the surface, along with other things impacting Lorelai and Emily, both of them really need to go soul searching.

The weird thing with Emily is that she’s putting up with this maid who’s named Gerta or Bertha or Betty or something like that. This maid can’t even speak English (although after a while I realized she had no problem understanding Emily, at least towards the end) and she, her children and husband seem to be living with Emily. It’s super bizarre, because Emily has, historically, been pretty quick to fire maids for far lesser “offenses”. I think the only reason she tolerated it was because she was devastated by Richards death and was willing to put up with the insanity. This family ended up being really good for her  as she healed and she ended up treating them like her own famly and was able to be really loving and affectionate (yes, Emily did this!).

Lorelai went on the Wild-walk thing (almost), and other moments of self discovery

We saw Lorelai and Emily go to therapy together, which went about as well as imagined (it got messy). I already mentioned Emil had to go through her own moments of self discovery, which included her embracing this family that works for her. Lorelai went the other way; in true Lorelai fashion, she was getting pretty emotional and decided she needed to get away and go do Wild. Apparently people do this? It’s where you go and walk the trail that Cheryl Strayed did when she wrote Wild and people decide if they’re doing the book or the movie version. It makes total sense (erm, sort of?). Lorelai ends up calling her mom/Emily and telling her a really beautiful story about Richard and this helps to mend the rift that is between them and Lorelai comes back and is all “better” and wants to marry Luke (who thought that her being distanced and doing this trip meant she was going to leave him – so thank goodness that that didn’t happen).

One thing I want to know is how many people are actually being inspired to do this hike because of Cheryl Strayed. And, if so, may people are just doing it for fun and how many people want to do it because they need some clarity or self-discovery in life. I know that this so isn’t the takeaway from appreciating a good episode (or 2 or at least a considerable amount of time) seeking self discovery but I just really think it’s interesting that this might actually be a thing (it’s Google-able I am sure).

I really love how Lorelai and Emily got such huge moments of clarity at the end and seemed to get their ultimate peace/happiness/bliss. I think Rory did get some large amount of clarity, but to a lesser extent, I think she’s still working on it. It’s not that Rory is unhappy but the moments that Emily and Lorelai had were just so much bigger and more meaningful. This is also why I think that there is a lot of room for a second season (and hopefully even more), in addition to the fact that Rory is pregnant. I mean, really, you can’t drop a bomb like that and not hope that it’ll open doors to the second season, they’re idiots if they think we’d be like “oh, well, that’s done now, neeeext!” So fingers crossed.


What did you all think about the reboot? Were there any huge moments that struck a chord with you that I didn’t talk about? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girl: A Year In The Life – some thoughts **spoilers**

  1. I noticed Rory’s vocal change as well. Honestly I feel there’s a slight detection of a New York accent. Which is odd because I don’t think her character was supposed to have spent a noticeable amount of time in NY. Maybe she did in real life?


    • The word thing about Alexis Bledel is that her first language isn’t even English, it’s Spanish. She was raised in Texas too, or at the very least she was born there. That’s been chalked up to why she had a bit of a lisp when she first started acting, but that doesn’t make sense really, since it’d seem odd for someone to have a fairly neutral accent but only retain a mild lispy sounding noise from Spanish. I feel like her voice changed throughout the series. I heard that the guy who is Michel also had to do that, while he’s naturally French, he was asked to exaggerate his accent more after some point. Melissa McCarthy is like Alexis, her voice changed and is way lower and huskier. I heard from the Gilmore Guys that a lot of people who are nit picky about such things could hear Melissa McCarthy’s and Alexis Bledel’s voices kind of get higher and whimsier as time went on. So it might just be that if you compare a season one episode to a season 7 episode, you’ll hear a difference maybe? Apparently your voice can change during the course of a pregnancy too so maybe that accounts for some of Alexis’s voice change. I also wonder if she was getting voice training too because of the mild lisp she had, which might account for it. I’ve heard so much speculation about it though. But her voice is definitely lower and huskier sounding.


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