The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan (book 5)

BLOOD_OF_O_final_cvr.jpgThe Blood of Olympus is the fifth and final book in Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus series. The series is told from the POV of Reyna, Nico, Jason, Piper, and Leo.

In The Blood of Olympus, the demigod heroes – including the 7 in the prophecy, as well as Reyna and Nico, plus Coach Hedge (a satyr) and a few other characters must rush to save the world. Predictably, Gaea, the evil as heck Earth Goddess, is able to rise – really, there was no point in time in which I didn’t think that this would happen, it was just a given because otherwise it would be so anticlimactic if the heroes didn’t have to kick her evil butt.

Octavian is this Roman demigod who has been preparing to attack the Greek demigod camp, Camp Half-Blood, for the last book or two. His behaviour and the fact that he’s hauled the entire Roman (demigod) legion to fight the Greeks throws a serious wrench in it all of the plans. If Octavian got his way, it would make Gaea’s plans to destroy the world so much easier, but Octavian is clearly an idiot and a power hungry jerk, so what can ya do. Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge must rush back to Camp Half-Blood with the Athena Parthenon statue because it is one of the only things that can stop the impending Roman-Greek war of a mess.

I loved finally getting to hear from Nico’s and Reyna’s view because I think that they’re really interesting characters. They’re not one of the 7 demigods in the prophecy, so while they served as main characters they weren’t at the 100% centre of the series until this final instalment. Nico is one of those characters that I really hope will be in future series by Rick Riordan because I think he’s my favourite character and there is so much character development left for him. At the end of The Blood of Olympus, he’s just finally started to feel accepted in the world, isn’t pushing people away as much, and he’s finally accepting his sexuality (he’s gay) but is moving on from Percy, which is super amazing. I would love to see what’s next for him.

I was also pretty happy with the way that the book ended. Since I wasn’t as busy as usual for a few days, I managed to breeze through it super quickly and it was the end that really struck me. One of the characters was willing to sacrifice himself and the characters thought he was dead. Only then that character was still alive and came and rescued Calypso and took her off away  the island that she’s been imprisoned on since long before we, the readers, even met her. The way it was written was really great in my opinion, I am taking it as evidence that Rick Riordan is starting to really excel at writing more emotionally moving chapters, which is awesome for his future books.

I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Rick Riordan’s books now that The Blood of Olympus has left off on such a positive note. The Kane Chronicles are next up, which will be featuring Egyptian mythology and gods. Although, for now I will be taking a break from his novels because I have read so many of them in the last few months, so you can look forward to many more book reviews by other authors.

Previous book: House of Hades

Previous series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Next series: The Kane Chronicles 

Title: The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus

Author:  Rick Riordan

Publication: October 7, 2014

Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion Books

Page count:  516

Genre:  Young adult, Fantasy, Greek and Roman mythology



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