The Trial of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle (book 1) by Rick Riordan

The_Hidden_Oracle.jpgThe Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle is the first book in Rick Riordan’s series where Apollo is the main character. After the last war in The Heroes of Olympus series, Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, music, poetry, shooting arrows?, prophecy, healing, and apparently a few other things, is on the outs with Zeus. Zeus zaps his powers and has Apollo fall to earth as a mortal teenager. Apollo, who is very self absorbed and preoccupied with his looks and having people adore him, is not happy and hopes to have Percy Jackson help him.

At the same time, there are Oracles that can tell the future and are a positive thing within Greek mythology and are the things (or people) who initiate quests and such in Rick Riordan’s books. The Oracles aren’t working; Rachel Dare, the best prophecy person they seem to have, can’t tell the future. The characters eventually realize that there are a few particularly evil Roman emperors who managed to stay alive some how who are now trying to obtain and control the Oracles. They seem to have a particular vendetta against Apollo.

One of the main characters is not quite who reader’s might think they are. It sucked because I had my suspicions about that character. Riordan has done this before where characters seem to have some kind of big and mysterious secret; more often than not, it’s inconsequential and that person is just afraid of the rejection because of past negative experiences or what have you. Well, in this case the character turned out to be not super awesome. I’m going to come back to this; this is my vague and unspoiled version for those of you who haven’t read it.

The Trials of Apollo are off to a great start and I definitely appreciate seeing the evolution of Apollo’s character right away. He’s definitely still on the self absorbed side but he’s getting much closer to being a more tolerable character who was willing to risk his own welfare for the other characters he had learned to care about. I am also looking forward to the continued development of characters such as Nico di Angelo who is currently at Camp Halfblood and dating a guy named Will.


Ok so the character I mentioned is Meg and basically her stepdad is Nero, one of the evil emperors and that’s bad. I think that because she was manipulated by him for a long time that it is really hard to accept that he’s a terrible person and that she shouldn’t be helping him out. I am really hoping that she will come around and help them and have all of this amazing information to make up for her misguided mistake of following Nero and that she won’t be like Luke or that other “I’m pretending to be nice but am really an evil back stabbing jerk” character from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and from The Heroes of Olympus. 

Ok, in any case, read the book. It’s good. That is all. Have a great day.

Title: The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney Book Group

Publication Date: May 3, 2016

Page count: 357

Genre: Greek and Roman mythology, Young adult, Fantasy


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