Being Jazz by Jazz Jenning

being-jazzBeing Jazz was an amazing follow up read after The Harry Potter Alliance did Protego in the summer of 2016. Protego our campaign to promote trans rights and equality (you can Google it!).

I think I might have heard about Jazz Jenning before this; she’s talked with several famous people like Oprah Winfrey and her family even has a reality TV show about their lives and what it’s like for Jazz being a trans teenager. Despite only being 16, Jazz is already an amazing and high profile trans advocate. Her hard work and her honesty really showed through in Being Jazz; she spoke candidly about what it was like being a trans kid, how fortunate she is to have a family that supports her, how she was benched for 2 years in the girls soccer league, and how she struggles with depression. Her determined advocacy is such an inspiration. In all of it, she is amazingly just like a lot of other teenagers, despite her higher profile role as an advocate ; she goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and loves mermaids. She even made her own mermaid fin which can be used for swimming with and I think that that’s really cool.

There are so many reasons I want people to read this book. On a very surface level, I love autobiographies and other works of fiction because they’re often informative narratives that can help shape and inform our world view. On a deeper level, I think that it is still so hard for trans people to be accepted and they’re often discriminated against just for being who they are as unique and awesome humans. I think that it’s amazing that Jazz is out there living her life and using her voices to empower other people and hopefully people like her will affect some real and positive change.

All in all, I am super into how insightful Jazz is, and I think that she has a lot to say. She’s a great voice and role model for trans people and can offer a lot to people who are learning about the trans community.

Title: Being Jazz; My life as a (transgender) teen)

Author: Jazz Jenning

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Publication date: June 7 2016

Hardcover: 272 pages

Genre: Autobiography, Memoir, Social activism


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