Favourite recipes of January 2018

Refried beans– the Pioneer Woman blog (source(

I wanted to try refried beans after I saw a picture of it posted to Siobhan Carrol’s instagram, also known as the nerdy naturopath. I probably could have just bought the canned stuff, but that’s no fun, so I found a recipe for my slow cooker and committed myself frying it after it cooked up in there all day.

Chocolate macaron – Delicious Everyday blog (source)

Do I even need to explain why I want to eat macaron’s or why they’re good? First of all, there is a difference between macaron and macaroons. Macarons are super fun to make and not as hard as one might think. It’s hard to make them as beautiful as store bought ones, but I’ve managed to successfully get them into the right shape. The key is to make sure the eggs are room temperature before making the meringue.

Here is a helpful tutorial of sorts when Shay Mitchell made macaron’s with a pro (this video is what inspired me to even try macaron’s in the first place so it’s my favourite reference):

Chili con carne – The Spruce blog (source)

My chili on carne recipe is a family me and I don’t know if my grandma wants me sharing the specifics with the world, so I found a similar recipe. Mine included the addition of beef consommé and some flour and I cooked it in a slow cooker.

It’s so amazing and tastes even better the next day. You can freeze chile pretty easily too, so that makes it even better if you are looking for some recipes that are handy.

Overnight oatmeal

This one came out of a cookbook originally that we changed around until it was how we like it. It is basically the following:

  • Half a cup of oats (we have steel cut)
  • 1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt (or something like Daiya’s Greek yogurt if you’re allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant, or vegan or whatever)
  • Half a cup of dairy free milk (I can vouch for almond and coconut)
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • A handful of berries
  • Some great additions include:
    • A spoonful of almond butter
    • Protein powder
    • Maple syrup
    • Ground flax seed
    • Hemp hearts

This is a super filling breakfast and you can do so many variations with it that it’s hard to get sick of, which is good for me since I am trying to break out of my boring as hell morning routine of eggs toast and fruit day after day.


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