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Hello there! My name is Andrea.

I started Always Fire and Honey in September 2014 as a school project when I was going to school for public relations. Apparently having an online presence is a good thing in this day and age, I just never tied a lot of anything that is verifiably me to this blog because of some sense of internet-based stranger danger I felt at the time, even though I am totally addicted to Facebook and Instagram. Go figure. I’m getting better about that though, so keep reading…

Instead of abandoning the project the moment a teacher wasn’t looking over my shoulder, I stuck with it, and here we are a few years later. You’ll notice I really like to read, eat, travel, occasionally talk about pop culture, and a few other miscellaneous things.

In real life, I have a university degree in sociology and religion and a certificate in public relations. I’m “that” friend or coworker who will provide you with unsolicited tangents about sociological, historical, or religious knowledge, not that I am a bona fide expert but I guess I know more than some and like to impart knowledge when I can.

Right now, I am between jobs (and depending on whether or not I remember I wrote this exact thing in a few month, I might be employed again. It’s March 2018 for the record). I am taking courses, knitting up a storm, doing home renos, and trying to get really good at yoga. I want to become a yoga teacher actually (because side hustle? Gig economy?) and I have become a bit of an alternative health nerd. I’ve been reading books like Gut by Guilia Enders because your gut health is kind of important, No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh, and in my “up next” docket is Why Buddhism is True. I have become obsessed with podcasts too and am currently loving By the Book, the Chickpeeps, Missing and Murdered (Finding Cleo), and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

My interests are definable. Sort of, at the very least, no one seems to care about whether or not they can fit my interests into a box. My career is a little murkier. Calling it murky sounds bad right? What about ineffable? Expansive? Expansive makes me sound like a 50 year old lawyer philanthropist though. In any case, between my sociology + religion + public relations education, my actual PR + marketing and accounting experience, it’s not easy to explain. Yeah, accounting got in there too, turns out I don’t mind it even if I have 0 plans to pursue it long term (marketing, PR and sociology/religion still float my boat though!) Did I mention I am also interested in law school? And that I want to teach yoga? And that I already have a certification to teach snowboarding? Or that I studied medical terminology, aboriginal justice, and linguistic anthropology? I feel like all of this stuff is leading somewhere though. These days, I feel like more and more people aren’t signing up to be doctors or bank tellers or lawyers for the rest of their lives (some people are, some people aren’t). So, I’m happy pursuing things that interest me, whether it be jobs or education, and hopefully my next “gig” will be something more stable and long term (my . Instead of trying to force myself to fit a mould that doesn’t feel right, I’ll take the path that feels right for me and know that it’ll lead to opportunities I can’t even imagine. Plus, companies are hiring for fit more often. I think most managers would rather hire someone like myself who applied because the job actually struck their fancy and not some schmooze whose just trying to climb the corporate ladder but doesn’t really feel invested in it or whatever. Like, sure, I am not going to sign up to get my CPA designation tomorrow, but who’s going to ever tell me that understanding accounting is a bad thing? Probably no one. I’ll take that.

I am working on a health and fitness blog. I will link it when it is ready.


The Harry Potter Alliance Positive Fandom Pledge. Learn about or take the pledge here.

My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA

My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA


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