About Me & The Blog


When Always Fire and Honey all began

I started Always Fire and Honey as a part of a school project in September 2014. I wanted the title to be something that reflected something to do with fantasy.

Always = a Harry Potter reference said by Snape (written by J.K. Rowling). You can learn more about it here.

Fire = invokes ideas of dragons and fantasy but also of passion and drive in “real life”

Honey = because I wanted to have something sweet to run up beside the power of something like fire

As time went on, AFH evolved into what I like to call a “geek’s lifestyle blog”. Basically, I write a lot of book reviews, I have about a dozen posts for Harry Potter and other fandoms, like the Game of Thrones or the Hunger Games.

Blogging Schedule

Tuesdays – book reviews, AKA Reviewsday Tuesday

Thursdays – recipes and cooking adventures

Saturdays – everything and anything else

Posts might emerge on other days depending on what’s going on, but generally speaking this is when I will try to post.


The Harry Potter Alliance Positive Fandom Pledge. Learn about or take the pledge here.

Professional world

I graduated from university in 2014 where I received a double major in religion & culture and sociology. It really sparked my interest in social issues, cultural diversity and a deepened knowledge of social and cultural realms.

During university, I ended up wanting to pursue public relations by happy chance. This was after considering social work for a long time and then stumbling across the awesomeness of PR / communications while volunteering. I was driven by an interest in wanting to be an outreach specialist / educator. What I envisioned was working for an organization, such as a hospital, university, non-profit, or government sector, and liaising with communities and informing people about why issues or campaigns matter, such as talking about why the work Plan Canada does is so important, or working between something like the hospital and patients or community-at-large on issues surrounding sexual health access (just as an example).

I’ve since broadened my interests, but I still have a huge interest in where communications and public health intersect. That is something that I have been exploring more lately and I will see where that takes me.


My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA

My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA

Personal life

I live in a home with my boyfriend and my two Siamese cats, and it’s wonderful. I enjoy reading, cooking, cross-country skiing, travelling and other health/fitness-ey things. I like to make artsy stuff, like paintings, and I am trying to get more into photography.

I also consider myself to be a fan activist. Hence the fandom positive image on this page.



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