About Me & The Blog

Hello! My name is Andrea and Always Fire and Honey is my blog. I started this blog in 2014 as a school project when I was studying for a postgraduate certificate in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. (I also have an honours BA in Sociology and Religion & Culture – double degree).

The idea was to teach us how to build a positive online presence and practice our PR skills through content generation, streamlining it to social media, developing strategy, and improving our writing skills. I kept the blog going since then; I’d started writing book reviews on here and thought it was pretty cool to keep a record of everything I’d read. Though, that was before my Good Reads days, which I’ve been pretty into for the last month or two.

I have lately been viewing this blog a bit like a beta blog. I went into it without much of a plan; it was supposed to just be a multi niche conglomerate of my love of reading (book reviews dominate my writing here), and things like recipes, travel experiences, fitness, and so forth. Lately I’ve been looking to grow my online presence and am working on those plans.

positive-fandom The Harry Potter Alliance Positive Fandom Pledge. Learn about or take the pledge here.
My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA My adorable coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA

3 thoughts on “About Me & The Blog

  1. Hey Andrea,
    I know you are doing things.
    Enough book reviews.
    Let’s see some more of what You are doing… recipes…garden things…sport and hobby


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