There’s a problem with unpaid internships. Let’s talk…

Unpaid internships are pretty contentious. Are they good… bad… somewhere in between? Even after my experience, I feel like I fall into the “somewhere in between” category. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly  A lot of good companies need some … Continue reading

Some tips to find a great job post graduation (from someone who’s been there, done that, didn’t find it easy, tried it all yadayadayada)

Having to find an adult job when you’re about to graduate from university is basically the worst. It’s very intimidating and it can be really time consuming. If you’re like me, you probably find it really easy to get sucked … Continue reading

Apps and websites to check out if you’re going into the work world (or really just because it’s cool)

Plum talent assessment¬† Plum is a company that was founded and operates in Canada’s tech triangle. One of their services is this talent assessment for employees (or to-be employees). It’s actually pretty cool because it tells you about what some … Continue reading

Reasons to love GLA

Granger Leadership Academy Its a week post-GLA now and I think that it is due time that I reflect a little on it. The Granger Leadership Academy is a leadership conference hosted by the Harry Potter Alliance. This year it … Continue reading

Air New Zealand has taken advantage of being the “official airline of Middle-Earth” with this on-flight safety video

Air New Zealand has capitalized on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with its airplane safety video released in 2014 after a little over a decade of (well-meaning) jokes about how the two series are really long cinematic tourist advertisements for … Continue reading

Volunteering for the Harry Potter Alliance at university

The Harry Potter Alliance is an organization that is based around the Harry Potter books and messages in the theories, such as the power of love and friendship. Harry Potter tackles things such as slavery (house elves are slaves), loss … Continue reading

What is the Harry Potter Alliance?

I was the PR executive for the Harry Potter Alliance while I was in university. I absolutely loved the experience for a number of reasons. Harry Potter was involved. Social justice was involved. Public relations was involved. Becoming involved with … Continue reading