There’s a problem with unpaid internships. Let’s talk…

Unpaid internships are pretty contentious. Are they good… bad… somewhere in between? Even after my experience, I feel like I fall into the “somewhere in between” category. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly  A lot of good companies need some … Continue reading

Why you should take the Indigenous Canada course offered by UofA on Cousera

Indigenous Canada is being offered every few weeks on Courersa through out the fall. It was developed by people who work in the Indigenous studies department at the University of Alberta. I’ve recently finished the course and I loved it; … Continue reading

Some tips to find a great job post graduation (from someone who’s been there, done that, didn’t find it easy, tried it all yadayadayada)

Having to find an adult job when you’re about to graduate from university is basically the worst. It’s very intimidating and it can be really time consuming. If you’re like me, you probably find it really easy to get sucked … Continue reading

Some Awesome Ways to Get Involved During University (Outside of Academia)

University is an amazing time in your life. Even I, who had a heck of a rocky start, would never take back my university experience. My university career was made amazing by getting involved in stuff beyond academics. I was … Continue reading

Volunteering for the Harry Potter Alliance at university

The Harry Potter Alliance is an organization that is based around the Harry Potter books and messages in the theories, such as the power of love and friendship. Harry Potter tackles things such as slavery (house elves are slaves), loss … Continue reading