#WithoutHermione: Support Education for Girls

In Harry Potter, what would have happened if Hermione couldn’t have gone to Hogwarts because she was a girl? Think about it. She was the super-intelligent bookworm who Ron and Harry turned to when they needed to understand something, whether … Continue reading

Why you should take the Indigenous Canada course offered by UofA on Cousera

Indigenous Canada is being offered every few weeks on Courersa through out the fall. It was developed by people who work in the Indigenous studies department at the University of Alberta. I’ve recently finished the course and I loved it; … Continue reading

Until We Are Free: My fight for human rights in Iran by Shirin Ebadi 

Until We Are Free by Shirin Ebadi is about her fight to protect human rights in Iran. This is something she has continued to do even while living in exile. Iran is a theocracy, or more commonly known as an … Continue reading

On JK Rowling appropriating aboriginal culture

This isn’t the first time that J.K. Rowling has had to answer for messing up matters of identity, race and culture. Over the years, fans such as myself have been able to use numerous positive social messages she did get right … Continue reading

How to register as a voter in Canada 

Canada’s federal election for prime minister is quickly coming up on October 19, 2015. Everyone’s vote counts, especially the votes of young people who are under the age of 30 and minorities. Even if you are currently undecided, you should … Continue reading

Fandom and activism – Rethinking Harry Potter in real life

I was an executive for the Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit with chapters across Canada, the USA and internationally. The organization combines Harry Potter fandom with social activism and includes mottos such as “the weapon we have is love” and … Continue reading

LGBT community faces continued discrimination in Peru

It amazes me how many parts of the world that a person cannot feel safe in. Because you are a woman, because you are a racial minority, because you are disabled, or because you are gay…. The LGBT community I … Continue reading

Aboriginal Communities Are Disproportionally Affected By Environmental Concerns In Canada

In Canada, aboriginal communities are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation. There are a few (very realistic) possibilities about this happens. A few times I read that it is because it is how the land is regulated by the government so … Continue reading

What is the Harry Potter Alliance?

I was the PR executive for the Harry Potter Alliance while I was in university. I absolutely loved the experience for a number of reasons. Harry Potter was involved. Social justice was involved. Public relations was involved. Becoming involved with … Continue reading

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Good afternoon to all! I was going to make this post yesterday, but life got in the way of allowing this to happen. I hope everyone is doing fabulously! Instead of doing Reviewsday Tuesday (on a Wednesday) I am going … Continue reading