Reading List ~ February and March 2018

  ** I am still reading the Right to be Cold and Beyond Words (half done). The links to those blog posts will become active as soon as those are done and posted, so if you’re reading this in early … Continue reading

Christmas gift ideas for the Harry Potter fan in your life

1. Hogwarts house themed spatulas by Williams Sonoma Hufflepuff ~ Ravenclaw~ Gryffindor ~ Slytherin 2. Or how about one of these Hogwarts aprons from Williams Sonoma 3. The Hogwarts Library box set books Conveniently purchased at Chapters in Canada. Featuring: … Continue reading

Friends of the Apparating Library 2016

The Harry Potter Alliance and the community I am a part of by volunteering with this most wonderful organization never ceases to amaze me. Friends of the Apparating Library¬†2016¬†is an Indiegogo-hosted fundraiser that will allow The Harry Potter Alliance to … Continue reading

I love books… But apparently so many other people just don’t…

I was talking to a friend not that long ago. Apparently she read some article or saw some news segment that said “a book is one of the worst gifts you can give to someone”. This baffled me. I thought, … Continue reading

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Is everyone hanging out without me? Well, no, I promise you this is not currently a concern that I have because people still seem interested in hanging out with me. In case you didn’t know (as indicated by the picture), … Continue reading