I think you should go to the Granger Leadership Academy! 

Are you thinking about going to the Granger Leadership Academy? Or did you find this post by accident? I think you need to think about going either way.

For those of you who don’t know…

The Granger Leadership Academy is a leadership conference planned and hosted by The Harry Potter Alliance. It’s really awesome because it draws on building leadership skills through different fandoms.

It is an amazing experience…

When I went to the 2016 GLA in Warwick, RI, USA (close to Providence), it was an amazing experience. I met so many amazing people, many of whom I am proud to call my friends now. I went to a bunch of though provoking and fun seminars about planning events, about social causes, about being engaged and engaging others. I’ll be honest; I don’t really go to a lot of conferences, or any for that matter. GLA is basically the most amazing introduction to a conference that I could possibly ask for.

And don’t worry about age…

I think most of us were 18 to about 35, with the average obviously being somewhere in the middle, but there was a group of kids about 12-15 years old and a group of us who were about 40. I’ve been asked by a few people if age matters; it doesn’t. If you want to go, then go; you will love it.

I wish I could be going to St. Louis…

And I wish I stopped pronouncing it like St. Lewey and say it like St. Lewis. (it could also be said like Lou-Ease). How are there so many ways to say 1 name? GLA is so amazing that, yes, I’d go again, but alas I recently got a job and I can only take so much time off.


St. Louis is supposed to be really fun. If I was going, I’d definitely book an extra few days and plan to do some sight seeing while I was there. Also, I heard some people I know talking about events that might revolve around going to this really fabulous museum in St. Louis. You should check out the schedule that is on the website.  I think GLA is going to be so amazing.

So… Check it out? Rest assure that I thought it was really amazing.


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Project for Awesome 2015 is TOMORROW and SATURDAY!

Project for Awesome 2015 is going to take place on December 11th and 12th this year! 

For those of you who do not know, P4A is a 2 day period where creators take over YouTube by creating videos that promote their favourite charity and voting on their favourite videos. In the past, The Harry Potter Alliance has been amongst the winners almost every year.

They changed it last year so that 2 organizations get 50% of the money raised and then the remaining 50% is divided amongst the 10 winning charities.

FYI: You do not have to have made a video in order to vote, it’s open to all.

I love P4A; it’s super fun and it has the added bonus of being beneficial to many charities like the Harry Potter Alliance that find such grants to be amazingly helpful because it’s such a small organization.

To learn more, check out the P4A website. It’ll tell you how to vote (and I will be whispering *vote for the HPA* through the computer screen)

To donate, I recommend the P4A Indiegogo page, it’s a platform I have donated through on numerous occasions without a problem and would strongly suggest it.

Odds In Our Favor

avatar1This year, Odds In Our Favor is reclaiming the narratives of socioeconomic, racial, sexual and gendered inequalities. Based on the themes of the Hunger Games, Odds In Our Favor provides fans with a forum to tell their stories and push back against the inequalities in a world with a shrinking middle class.

The #MyHungerGames hashtag is opening a space for people to tell personal stories about inequality. Stories can also be submitted to the My Hunger Games blog on Tumblr. I have been reading through the stories, and they are touching and heartbreaking but they are also inspiring and hopeful. It’s where I learned about the Campaign for Youth Justice.

Campaign for Youth Justice is an organization fighting to keep minors out of the adult prison system.

As a sociologist at heart (and by education), I am so inspired by the youth justice advocates who are involved with these kinds of campaigns.

I am very inspired by the stories that are being submitted and the power that these stories have to reclaim narratives of those who are marginalized. I would strongly encourage everyone to read these stories and submit one of their own if you’d like to share. You can go to the My Hunger Games blog here and the Odds In Our Favour website here. You can also follow the stories on Storify, Twitter, and Facebook. This is our hunger games!

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