Beauty products I like ~ February 2017

Organic Matters shampoo level 0 I needed new shampoo because I hadn’t washed my hair for 2 days and that’s literally as long as I can get without getting some shampoo into my hair. I checked out a local store … Continue reading

Garden Expansion Time!

My main/biggest garden, pre-expansion… And my big garden post-expansion, where I will be adding new raspberries next summer… My corner garden, after I set up the rock border and started preparing the dirt/destroying the grass… And then my corner garden, dirt-creation … Continue reading

Losing weight and being healthy the “right way” – part 2 eating

A little disclaimer before I get started is that I am not a nutritionist or a doctor or anyone like that – I am simply speaking from my own advice and it can’t hurt to consult a professional if you … Continue reading